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Azul 5853 had been flying when he contacted Brasilia Center informing that he needed to divert to the nearest suitable airport due to unreliable altimeter indication. The pilot also requested vectors under VMC for a visual approach.

Brasilia Center understood the problem and informed the pilot that Brasilia International was operating under Visual conditions, so he instructed AZUL to turn left heading 230 and reduce speed to 320 knots for separation.


This was a MAYDAY message from LAN 8537 to Santiago Center, in which the pilot said that he had smoke in the cockpit and had started an emergency descent to FL100. He needed priority landing in Santiago Airport and requested fire and medical services after landing.

ATC informed the pilot that traffic had been cleared and he had priority landing. Fire services were ready and the Tower asked how was the pilot’s visibility.


Etihad2325 contacted Mexico City Tower, informing that he had rejected takeoff due to an open-door indication. The pilot also informed the ATC that he needed to return to the apron to check this problem.

ATC understood he had aborted the takeoff due to an open-door indication. Cleared the pilot to vacate via G, turn right at L and proceed to position 10.

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