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American Airlines 235 contacted Curitiba tower, informing that they had unreliable airspeed indication and requested vectors to return and fix the problem on the ground.

The Controller understood their problem and instructed them to turn right heading 230 and start a hold. He also told them to expect instructions in 5 minutes.


This pilot had been flying when he declared a mayday to Milan control, because his captain was unconscious and he needed priority landing at Malpensa airport, and medical services on the ground.

The controller understood, diverted all the traffic for him and informed him that Malpensa airport was 30 NM from his position. The ATC instructed him to turn left heading 170 and he was cleared for a straight in approach on runway 17. He also told him that medical services were expecting his arrival.


This was a Mayday message from GOL431 to Rio Center. The pilot informed that he had a fire in the cargo compartment warning, so he needed to divert to Galeão and requested priority landing with fire assistance upon arrival.

Rio Center acknowledged the problem and instructed the pilot to turn left heading 030 and descend to 6000ft. The controller asked him about the number of people onboard.

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