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This was a PANPAN message from Air China 3350 to Beijing tower. The pilot informed that he couldn’t identify if the landing gear was down and locked. So, he needed to perform a low pass in front of the tower.

The controller instructed him to maintain current altitude while he cleared the traffic for the low pass.


Air Canada 2315 had been flying when they contacted Toronto Control informing that they needed to make a diversion to heading 140 due to a hot air balloon in the area.

The controller informed him that the area was very busy, told him to maintain the present heading and climb to FL150


TAP 5745 contacted Lisbon ground informing that their left engine was overheating and they couldn’t continue the flight. He said he needed to return to the gate for maintenance.

The controller acknowledged the information and instructed him to turn right on B, LA and he was cleared to shut down his engines on ramp 12.

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