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This was a PANPAN message from Etihad 3439 to Pacific Control saying that he lost both autopilots so he wasn’t able to keep flying in RVSM airspace.

The controller understood the autopilot failure and instructed the pilot to descend to FL280 and resume navigation


GOL1213 had been flying when he declared a PANPAN to Guarulhos Tower informing that the aircraft was rolling to the right. So he requested immediate return to the longest runway in order to solve the problem on the ground.

The controller cleared the pilot to return at his discretion and gave him runway 09R. Also told him to report on a long final, the wind was calm.


Lufthansa 3432 declared an emergency to Frankfurt control, informing that he had a sudden depressurization and was performing an emergency descent. He told ATC that the oxygen masks had been deployed and requested vectors to the nearest airport.

Frankfurt understood the emergency and instructed him to turn left heading 110 and the closest airport was Frankfurt International 40 miles away from him. At the end, he asked the pilot to confirm the number of people onboard.