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Detroit Center contacted N1689H instructing them to turn right heading 150 immediately, because they were about to enter in a military area. It was a no-fly zone.

The pilot informed that they couldn’t deviate to the right, because they needed to avoid bad weather.


ATC Contacted Speedbird 31 asking them to confirm if they were on UZ32, going south to VEX VOR, as cleared.

The pilot informed Curitiba Center that they were keeping UZ32, however their FMS wasn’t working properly, so they requested vectors.

ATC said that Speedbird31 was under vectors and instructed the pilot to turn left heading 230 and maintain current altitude, in the end they told the pilots to expedite their turn.


United 3232 contacted Guarulhos Tower informing they were on the holding point of runway 09R ready for takeoff.

ATC informed the pilot to hold position due to a loose dog running on runway 09R. He also informed Firefighters were trying to rescue the dog and instructed the pilot to standby.

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