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This was a message from Emirates 2385 to Dubai Control, informing that their computers were indicating the runway was too short for them, so the pilot requested a longer runway.

ATC understood the pilots and instructed them to go around and climb to FL100 to start a hold. They would land on runway 30L in 7 minutes.



Delta 466 had been flying when the pilot declared an urgency to Detroit Approach informing they had an unconscious passenger onboard, they didn’t know why. So, they requested priority landing and medical services on the ground.
The controller understood the medical problem and instructed the pilot to expedite their descent to FL060 and expect runway 04R. In the end, ATC told the pilots to contact Detroit Tower on 128.125.



Ryanair 291 declared a PANPAN to Dublin Control, informing that they needed to return immediately due to an anti-icing problem that cracked the windshield, their visibility was low.

ATC understood the problem and instructed the pilot to turn left heading 132 and descend to 4700ft. They would be vectored to the final approach.

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