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This was a message from UNITED 4534 to Recife center. The pilot informed they were on heading 350 climbing to FL340 and had lost their GPS, the IPAD was also not working, so the pilot couldn’t inform their estimate to fly over ATF VOR.

ATC acknowledged the problem and told the pilot to use their raw data. Instructed them to fly to radial 355 of Recife VOR for 7NM and then, fly to ATF VOR.



American Airlines 4533 had been flying when they contacted Curitiba control informing that they had a near miss with a small aircraft. The airplane came from their left and was 50ft below them.

ATC understood the pilot and asked if everything was ok, he also informed he didn’t have this airplane on his radar and told the pilot they would check the flight logs and return with information.



Toronto Center contacted Air Canada 3242 informing that they were under radar contact, and asked the pilot to confirm they were on FL270, they also informed that the runway temperature was -15ºC.

Air Canada 3242 informed that they had unreliable altimeter indications, one was showing FL270 and the other one had a 200ft difference.

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