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Swiss Air 5650 contacted Chicago Center informing they had 4 passengers fighting onboard, so they needed to divert to the nearest airport with police services waiting on the ground.

The controller understood the problem and informed them that O’Hare was 25 NM to their left. And he also said that he would make the necessary arrangements.



Korean air 0232 Declared an emergency to Pacific Control informing that he was hit by a lightning several times and he lost all his electrical equipments due to that, he also requested vectors to the nearest airport.

The ATC informed him that the nearest airport was 150NM from him. Instructed the pilot to reduce speed to 300 knots and turn right heading 055, he would be vectored until he was visual with the runway.



China Eastern had been approaching when he contacted Hong Kong Tower informing that his touchdown was rough so he needed directions to park early and check the damages.

The controller understood the situation, instructed him to go to a remote area next to taxiway AL. And asked if the pilot needed assistance.

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