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AZUL1125 had been flying when he contacted São Paulo Approach on FL200 for landing in Campinas, he had ATIS information S.

The controller informed the pilot that Viracopos was closed due to a Drone flying in the vicinities. He also instructed the pilot to maintain altitude and hold over Sorocaba VOR while the authorities were dealing with the problem



Korean Air 2342 declared an emergency to Seoul Approach informing that they heard an explosion on engine number 2 and weren’t able to extinguish the fire. They requested priority landing on runway 34 and requested emergency services upon arrival.

The Controller cleared the pilot to land on runway 34, wind was 230 with 06 knots and informed him that fire, medical and evacuation services were expecting his arrival. He also advised the pilot about a wet runway.



Emirates 8585 Contacted New York Center, requesting vectors to land due to a fight onboard. He informed a passenger had hit a flight attendant so he needed medical and police services to solve this situation on the ground.

The controller understood the problem, instructed him to descent to 6000ft and take heading 100 on his left. Also informed that police services were alerted and ready to take action.

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