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US Airways 3548 declared a MAYDAY to Recife control informing that they were on FL140 and had lost thrust on all engines, they required priority landing in Recife Airport.

The controller understood the emergency and cleared them to land on Runway 18. Traffic had been cleared and emergency services were ready for them. He also asked if the pilot was sure he could reach the airport.



US Airways 284 had been flying when they declared and urgency to San Diego Departure, informing that some passengers were not feeling well, so they needed to return immediately to assist these passengers on the ground.

The controller cleared the pilot to return, instructed him to turn right heading 100 and call approach on 121.675. He also asked if there were any crew members involved.



United 364 declared a PANPAN to New York Center, informing that they had lost all their flight screens due to a lightning strike. They also requested vectors to land in the nearest suitable airport

The controller understood the situation, informed them that Washington Dulles was the nearest airport at 67 Nautical Miles from their position, and gave them instructions to turn left heading 185 and prepare for a visual approach.

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