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This was a PANPAN message from Emirates 3482 to Vancouver Control, saying that their flight controls were unresponsive, so they needed to return immediately

The controller acknowledged the situation and cleared the pilot to return to Vancouver International by turning right heading 045 and contacting Vancouver Approach on 119.55. He also asked if the pilot could specify the problem.



American Airlines 3265 contacted Nevada Center, informing they could see three fighter jets around their airplane. He asked if there was any problem

The controller advised the pilot to follow the air force jets to a safe destination, and also told him that he couldn’t give any more information.



QANTAS343 had been flying when the pilot declared a PANPAN to Sydney departure, informing that he had just heard a loud noise and the cabin had a very bad smell, he also said that engine number 3 had failed during climb. The pilot requested to climb to FL150 to perform a hold, evaluate the damages and run their checklists.

The controller understood the situation and informed the pilot he could see smoke on engine number 3. ATC cleared the pilot to climb to FL150 and perform a hold, he told him he was there to help with anything.

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