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LAN 8584 contacted Curitiba Departure informing that their right flap didn’t retract, so they needed vectors to perform a hold and execute their procedures.

The controller understood the problem and instructed the pilot to climb to 7000ft to perform a hold over Curitiba VOR.



Airfrance 9820 had been flying when they declared an emergency to Washington Control informing that one of the flight attendants told them about a possible bomb onboard and they didn’t know if that was true, but they needed vectors to land with all emergency services on the ground.

The controller understood the bomb threat, told the pilot to maintain altitude and hold over Washington VOR while they were clearing the airspace and coordinating with the authorities. The controller asked the pilot to inform the remaining fuel and number of people onboard.



British Airways 2532 contacted Munich Ground informing they had a steering problem and needed to maintain position, the pilot required a tow truck to return to the apron.

ATC acknowledged the situation, told the pilot to hold short at that location because he would send a tow truck for them. The controller also asked if the pilot was going to evacuate the aircraft.

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